MH-700 is due to its seize extremely mobile. It is suitable for all steam generating needs on a construction site, as wells as for temporary use in the industry. Especially when building in winter the MH-700 is suitable, as it generates steam almost immediately after start-up.
The machine itself is prevented from freezing by inbuilt heating elements.

Targets of use:

– cleaning and disinfecting machines and equipment
– defreezing snow, ice, soil and other Mineral material
– steam production for industrial needs 
– producing hot water
– weed control
– opening up roads and culverts


Technical specifications

Length 2100 mm
width 900 mm
height 1340 mm
Weight 430 kg
Steam output max. 580 kg / h
Heat power 200 kW
Max. operating pressure 16 bar
Electrical connection 230 V
Oil Burner Riello Gulliver RG4S
Water pump 3-piston Cat
Steam hose 10 m (longer hoses available)
Water hose 10 mm
Heating resistors 2×750 W, inside


MH-700 Drawing