Steam Generators

The best example of Steamrator`s wide experience is our steam generators. We provide fully automated systems in a range from 0,18 to 3,5 MW. The steam generators package is delivered built in a frame, tested and ready for installation eater in existing boiler house or it can be delivered in our exclusive thermally insulated steel framed container.

There can be several reasons for choosing a steam generator. Steam generators are very fast starting up, this allows you to turn off the boiler when there are no need for steam, saving both energy and environment.
On smaller models there are no requirements for special education for the staff, the specific seize limit is varies from country to country.
steam generators are an economic alternative to the regular water tube boiler. purchase price, and maintenance coasts are lower.
Pressure part can be replaced in only a few hours, making the generator as new.

  • through-flow type steam boiler for heavy industrial use
  • start-up time to full capacity approximately 5-7 minutes
  • automatic control and safety devices
  • possible to connect to an alarm system or remote controel
  • frequency converter controls feed water pump rpm
  • equipped with a separator type steam dryer
  • blow down valve at the bottom of the steam dryer – Can be automated
  • steam output can be adjusted to satisfy steam consumption within operating range

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Length2400 mm2650 mm3350 mm3350 mm4000 mm4800 mm4950 mm5600 mm
Width1000 mm1500 mm1860 mm1860 mm2000 mm2000 mm2370 mm2500 mm
Height2200 mm2200 mm2300 mm2650 mm2600 mm2600 mm2600 mm2700 mm
Steam output*300 kg/h500 kg/h750 kg/h1000 kg/h1250 kg/h1500 kg/h2000 kg/h3000 kg/h
Heat output200 kW340 kW500 kW700 kW830 kW1 MW1,34 MW2 MW
Max. operating pressure   10, 13or 16 bar   
Gas burnerOilon GP-26.10 HOilon GP-26.21 HOilon GP-50 HOilon GP-50 HOilon GP-26.10 HOilon GP-90 HOilon GP-140 HOilon GP-140 H
Oil burnerOilon KP 26 HOilon KP 50 HOilon KP 50 HOilon KP 50 HOilon KP 26 HOilon KP 90 HOilon KP 140 HOilon KP 140 H
Feed waterpumpHydra-Cell G-10Hydra-Cell G-10Hydra-Cell G-10Hydra-Cell G-10Hydra-Cell G-25Hydra-Cell G-25Hydra-Cell G-25Hydra-Cell G-25
Motor of pump   VEM    
Frequency converter   Vacon    
Control board   400/50 V/Hz   

*With Economiser