Warranty Clause

The warranty period is 12 months from the date of delivery. For spare parts the warranty is 6 months. The warranty is valid only, if the equipment is properly installed, correctly operated and have been under decent maintenance. Faulty or damaged part will be fixed or changed to new one. The warranty covers the changing work costs but not freight, travelling or accommodation costs. The warranty covers the consume parts only if there appears a clear manufacturing defect.

The warranty does not cover damages caused of misuse, freezing, corrosion or because of defective maintenance. The warranty does not cover either shut-down cost of production or the other consequential damages.

A written reclamation must reach the manufacturer or its authorized representative within 14 days from the noticed defect. If the customer does not make a reclamation during the set time limit, the manufacturer is free to handle the case outside of warranty procedure. The damaged part which is changed in warranty procedure must be sent to the manufacturer or its representative within 7 days from the correction of the default. If the damaged part does not reach the manufacturer within the set time limit, the changed new part can be charged from the customer as a normal spare part.