Electrical Boilers

Elmo – Electrical boiler

Our electrical boilers are silent, quick to start and can be used without constant supervision.
Elmo is energy-saving and is a good choice for producing steam in every kind of industry.

The steam boiler including electric heating elements is installed inside a compact body. Water is fed to the boiler
either directly from the water distribution system or with a feed water pump from feed water tank.
Water is heated on the resistances evaporates. The pressure needed at the purpose of use controls automatically the operation of the boiler.
Thanks to its simple structure the boiler is easy to service and operate.

Clean Steam

Elmo is also available in a “Clean-Steam” edition, made from corrosion resistant materials, ensuring you the best quality of clean steam. This model is especially intended for food industry, hospitals, laboratories, the pharmaceutical or biochemical industry. Places with a high demand to the steam quality


Technical Specifications

Type Elmo 30 Elmo 45 Elmo 60 Elmo 75 Elmo 150
Steam output 45 kg/h 65 kg/h 90 kg/h 115 kg/h 230 kg/h
Power consuption 30 kW 45 kW 60 kW 75 kW 150 kW
Fuses 3 x 63A 3 x 80A 3 x 100A 3 x 125A 3 x 250A


Structural pressure 10 bar, operating pressure 0-9 bar (up to 16 bar available)
Electrical connection 400 VAC
Operating temperature 100-180°C
Design temperature 184°C
Width, depth, height 765 x 776 x 1340 mm
Weight 300 kg
Underlaying 2200 x 800 mm
Water level controlled by electrodes