Steamrator Oy was established in Ristiina in 1982 as a little machine shop of metal industry. In the beginning the business was mainly about product development manufacturing and testing prototypes.

The actual production started in 1983. At the time there were 15 employees and two new Finnish products were taken into production. The new products were table mould equipment and steam generators.

The company moved into own production plant in April 1984 with about 30 employees.

As a result of product development the first transportable steamgenerator, Höyry-Toho, was developed in 1986 and the first energy container in 1987. The energy container was a new solution to heat building sites, industrial halls and concrete stations. The first container was taken into use in a building site in Rovaniemi.

The premises were extended in 1989 and the number of the employees increased into 35 persons.

Steam-Elmo electrical boiler was designed in 1990.

Subsidiary ST-Huolto Oy was established for after sales services in 1991.
A year later started export to Estonia.

The active operation to Russia started in 1992. OOO Steamrator was established in 1993 to St. Petersburg for local sales and service.

A sales outlet to Moscow was opened in 2001. Business operation in Russia expanded to Kazan and Novosibirsk in 2003.

In 2003 was generated a new Roadrunner hot sanding generator working on a double-circuit system. It developed to a hot water generator in 2005. The hot water generator is suitable for oil industry among other things.

Today there are about 50 persons working for Steam Companies all around the world.