Steamrator Oy – established in Ristiina, 1982.

– we are specialized in designing and producing steam- and heating plants, but we can do a lot more than that.

Steamrator Oy was established in Ristiina in 1982. It has since then specialized in designing and manufacturing steam and heating plants.

The most important export destinations are the Baltic countries, Sweden, Norway and Poland. However, there has been done over 3000 deliveries to over 30 countries during the years. Customers are from various fields of industry because the products are versatile. In Finland several deliveries have been done for example to Orion, Fazer, Vaasan&Vaasan, VTT and Lindström.

Product range covers steamgenerators, steam- and heating boilers in various sizecs spanding from 30 kW to 7 MW. Our products are tailor-made and made according to the customer’s needs and wishes.