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Steam to Terrafame’s Battery Chemical Plant

Steamrator has delivered a steam plant to Terrafame Battery Chemical Plant at Sotkamo. The steam plant has two Steam 4000 steam generator that produces steam 2×4000 kg/h at pressure over 20 bars. The owner and operator of the steam plant is Adven Oy. The steam plant is already delivered to the site and it will be commissioned along the commissioning of the battery Chemical Plant by the end of 2020.


Steamrator on the autumn waves

Steamrator had it’s personnel recreational day by cruising on Lake Saimaa district. We stepped on board cruise and school ship Lola-3 at Mikkeli and Cruised through Lake Saimaa to the harbour of Puumala. We enjoyed rain, thunder and sun shine as well as food, refreshment and sauna in good portions.


Steamrator participated in Jukolan Viesti 2019- orienteering, as competitor and technology provider

Steamrator’s project manager Mikhail Baranov participated Jukolan Veisti 2019 orienteering, which is world biggest orienteering competition. Mikhail orienteered the third shift in Anttolan Urheilijat 3-team and succeed well in dim summer night.

Steamrator’s technology has an important role in the event, since our customer Höyrytys Sandström Oy provided warm shower for over twenty thousand competitors and the water was heated by Steamrator’s 2MW mobile steamcontainer.


Steamrator’s steamgenerators to provide savings and easy to Etelä-Karjalan Pesula

Steamrator delivered two Steam 1000 steam generators installed into a container to Etelä-Karjalan Pesula (the South Karelia Laundry), replacing the old steam boiler. Two natural gas powered 1.3 Megawatt steam generators provides good controllability and quick start-up, enabling the use of the equipment for production only when required, without any unnecessary maintenance heat.

Director of Textile Services Jorma Salmela from Saimaan Tukipalvelut Oy is very pleased with the delivery of Steamrator and the new steam generators: “The steam generator container was smoothly installed and the installation outage took only a couple of hours. Based on a precise measurement history, fuel consumption has fallen by about 20% over the past two months, which is a great achievement. ’

Saimaan Tukipalvelut Oy is a municipal limited company belonging to the South Karelian Lappeenranta Group. The company provides food, cleanliness and textile services, property maintenance and maintenance services, and other similar support services primarily for its owners. Etelä-Karjalan Pesula is the marketing name for textile services at Saimaan Tukipalvelu Oy. Textile services handle 1.4 million kilos of textiles each year.


Steam Plants for frozen vegetable production

Steamrator supplies two Steam 3000 steam plants to Agrobitsnab’s production facility in Krasnodar district. The units have passed factory trial tests and are already shipped to Krasnodar where they will be installed and commissioned during the spring.
Agrobitsnab is the biggest producer of frozen vegetable in Russia having several production plants in Russia. The Steam Plant delivery by Steamrator to Agrobitsnab is the sixth in line and the next delivery, consisting of two Steam 5000 is already under production at Steamrator’s Ristiina Factory.

Steam 3000 Steam Plant